[Into] My Element

It’s hard for me to put into words the contentment that I feel when I am in Latin America*. I love touching down in a new country. Actually, let’s backtrack a bit –… Continue reading

Irrational fears coming true, staying alive, and other October anecdotes

The inside of my head is an interesting place to be. I’m prone to daydreaming and internal narration – often, this is a delightful habit, and sometimes it’s downright terrifying. For example: whenever… Continue reading

DISCLAIMER: I Know Nothing (and other thoughts from a foreigner in Ghana)

Every time I go to write about bucket baths, or my mosquito net, or falling asleep to the hum of the generator, I get nervous. I am constantly anxious that someone out there… Continue reading

Valleys, hills, and other overwrought metaphors

Forgive me as I indulge my tendency to attach far too much meaning to relatively insignificant events. Today, I walked to work. You see, this morning my alarm went off at its usual… Continue reading


I know myself. And I knew that if I went too long without writing a blog post, I would let this whole endeavor fall by the wayside and I didn’t want that to… Continue reading


In lieu of writing a real blog post (because…ain’t nobody got time for that), I’ve strung together a few vignettes from a few salient moments here in Chitré/Panamá.  (These might not even be vignettes…they… Continue reading

“I Can’t Do This” and other lies I’ve told myself

This is my third year in a row on AMIGOS project staff, which means that it’s my third year in a row having a mid-summer existential crisis wherein I doubt myself, my abilities,… Continue reading

Summer is Here

It finally rained in Chitré. I’m not talking a light sprinkle – this was a good, proper downpour, complete with gusts of wind that blew my curtains way up toward the ceiling and light-up-the-sky lightning… Continue reading

Settling In

I am a nester. I readily admit it: wherever I go, I like to carve out my own little space, make it familiar, and call it my home. It’s part of why I… Continue reading

Travel Woes and Travel Woahs

I love to travel. Much of this love stems from a passion for meeting new people, learning new things, and exploring new places. But part of it is much more simple: I just… Continue reading